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Triple Disc 4 Panel Short Run Qty 100 to 400 CD Digipaks

100 4 Panel Short-Run Digipaks for only $395.00

Triple Disc is proud to offer Short Run CD Digipaks. You don't have to do 1000 replicated CDs anymore in order to use today's hottest CD packaging product. These CD Digipak cardboard sleeves with plastic trays have 100% less plastic than the standard CD jewel box. CD Digipaks are a perfect eco-friendly green CD Duplication alternative. 

The CD jewel box is the standard but we all know how important it is to separate your CD Duplication release from every other one in a crowded Audio CD market place.  At  Triple Disc we use only durable high quality board and a durable trays. We print these Short run CD Digipaks using soy based inks and us a non-toxic paper bleaching process.  Triple Disc offers both matte and UV finishes on our short run Digipaks. Triple Disc makes this premium CD packaging fast and affordable for everyone not just the giants of the Audio CD & music industry.



Retail Ready 4 Panel Digipak CD Duplication Pricing

4 Panel 4/4
Per CD Price
100  $       395.00  $         3.95
200  $       650.00  $         3.25
300  $       810.00  $         2.70
400  $       985.00  $         2.46

*Please call for other quantities and options.

Triple Disc's standard CD Digipaks use a mixed paper content, containing a mix of virgin paper and industrial scrap.

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Every Triple Disc Digipak Duplication package includes!

  • Black Thermal Imprint printed directly onto the disc.
  • Digital Output and Printing of the CD covers & traycards.
  • Free Upgrade to Clear Trays
  • One hour of Preflight Check on all artwork files.
  • Assembly into Digipak & Shrink wrapped

Upgrade to a Photo Realistic Full Color Thermal Imprint for just $.50 for all CD Duplication Projects!



What is a 4 Panel CD Digipak?

This is the one of the most asked questions by Triple Disc customers. There seems to be a lot of confusion about just what a 4 panel is. Triple Disc's 4 Panel CD Digipak is a cardboard folder that opens like a greeting card. It has 2 inside panels and 2 outside panels. The duplicated Audio CD rests in tray like a jewel box.

Don't get stuck in same old plastic CD box!

Triple Disc's 4 Panel CD Digipaks are versatile CD package that can set your Audio CD apart from others in a crowded Music marketplace. If you don't like Jewel boxes this is a CD Duplication packaging with the format that fits any style of music. From hip-hop to straight Jazz from Rock and Roll to Country, even Christian Music fits perfectly into Triple Disc's Short run CD Digipak.


Triple Disc Short Run CD Digipak Helps you stand out in the Crowd.

Triple Disc no offers low cost, green eco-friendly cd duplication options for your music cd project in Digipaks For just few dollars more you can have a professional CD Digipak that is outside of the Audio CD Jewel box. Triple Disc's short run CD digipak can be printed in a matte or UV Gloss finish at no additional charge.  You can even upgrade your short run CD Duplication imprint to full color on the disc face itself for only $.75 a CD.

Triple Disc offers the Best looking Short Run CD Duplication on the planet!

Triple Disc's CDs and DVD Duplication is the best looking short run on the Planet. Don't settle for Xerox copies for covers put together in someone's basement. Triple Disc offers digital offset press printing on all covers, traycard & cardboard folders. Don't settle for anything less

CD Duplication Explained

All Duplicated CD projects (100 to 500 CDs) are auto-verified on our duplication equipment. Triple Disc uses CDR recorder(s) to "burn" your data into a pre-manufactured write-once CDs or DVDs. These CDs or DVDs, called CD Recordables (CDR) or DVD Recordables DVD-R. These are known as short run CD & DVD projects.The setup costs for recording a few discs are minimal by comparison to the set up costs for replication. CD duplication is the perfect process for fast turn CD jobs. Triple Disc can turn duplicated CDs and DVDs in 24 hours. This is almost impossible with Replicated discs.


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