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Triple Disc 100% Recycled 2 Panel CD Folder

5" mini jacket cd

Triple Disc's 5" Mini Jackets are made from 100% recycled material and are perfect for Promos, Demos and CD Singles.

Triple Disc understands not every artist is ready to start with a Digipak or a full color 12 page booklet for their CD release. You have to start somewhere and Triple Disc's 5" Mini Jacket packages are just the place to start. These 5" mini jackets are a versatile package that can get you noticed.

Triple Disc is proud to offer Recycled CD packaging. We offer packages that have a minimum of 30% post consumer recycled material up to 100%  post consumer recycled material. Triple Disc even uses soy based inks.  Triple Discs green CD packages are as earth friendly as possible. Jewel boxes are not eco friendly and contribute to landfill waste because they don't dedrage and are normally not recycled.



Retail Ready 5" Mini Jacket CD Replication Pricing

2 Panel 4/4
Per CD Price
500  $    1,095.00  $           2.19
1000  $    1,195.00  $           1.19
2500  $    2,495.00  $           0.99
5000  $    4,295.00  $           0.85
10000  $    6,895.00  $           0.69

Add $.10 per CD for Shrink wrap or Clear Tab seal.

These CD Folders are printed on 100% recycled board with a minimim of 35% post consumer waste. Don't be fooled by other vendors who are selling recycled cd board will less than 10% post consumer waste.

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Every Triple Disc Cardboard Replication package includes!

  • 3 Pantone Color Silk Screen onto the CD.
  • Digital output and printing of the CD covers & traycards
  • Free Upgrade to Clear Trays
  • One hour of Preflight Check on all artwork files.
  • Assembly into Cardboard sleeve.

cd imprintDon't for get to ask about Upgrading to a Full Color Silk Screened CD for only $.10 a CD!

What is a 5" Mini Jacket?

This is the one of the most asked questions by Triple Disc customers. There seems to be a lot of confusion about just what a 2 panel is. Triple Disc's 2 Panel Cardboard Jacket also know as a 5" mini Jacket is a cardboard slip cover printed full color front and back. The CD slips into the sleeve like a old record jacket and can be shrink wrapped or sealed with a clear tab so your CD won't fall out.

Triple Disc Gives you options. Don't get stuck in same old plastic box.!

CD Slip jackets that you can customize to suits your style. If you don't like Jewel boxes this is a CD packaging with the format that fits any style of music. From hip-hop to straight Jazz from Rock and Roll to Country, even Christian Music fits perfectly into Triple Disc's 5" mini jacket CD Sleeve.

What do all these green terms mean? :

Triple Disc understands that our customers make a difference every time they choose to buy recycled CD packaging from Triple Disc . They know that they will get top quality CD manufacturing and printing, delivered on time and on budget while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Recycling: The third R of the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Recycling means taking a product or material at the end of its useful life and turning it into a usable raw material to make another product. This section of our site provides information about how to recycle, why to recycle, and what you can recycle

Post consumer waste: This is waste from paper or board products that have completed their usefulness as a consumer item and have been collected through recycling programs. From an environmental perspective, the more post consumer waste a recycled product contains, the better. Triple Disc is committed to delivering high quality CD and DVD products from post consumer recycled materials.

Recycled Paper or board: This contains wood fiber from paper or board that has been used before and recuperated. It can be a combination of pre-consumer waste scraps and trimming from the paper manufacturing process, post consumer waste and virgin fiber.

Biodegradable: A product that decomposes naturally, broken down by other living organisms such as fungi, algae or bacteria without the need of harmful chemicals or man made processes.

Soy Based Inks: Soy inks are vegetable-based inks that come from renewable resources. Even Triple Disc's varnishes are water based and biodegradable.

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