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Triple Disc Independent Film & Indie DVD How To Guide

What is an Indie Film & how can Triple Disc help me make my film a reality?

Independent Films also know as Indie Films are not just movies made by people outside the big mainstream Hollywood studios. Independent Films are more than just small budget films. They are a complete change in the philosophical approach to film making. The large studios function under a strict set of rules when it comes to film making. Studios are looking to make money. The accountants who advise the studios are only concerned with the bottom line. The filmmaker looses control when they enter a relationship with a large studio. The Independent Film movement is an attempt to find ways to break free from these rules so as to give a new and inventive angle to films.



How to make your Indie Film vision into a DVD.

Today filmmakers are in a unique position with the advent of Digital Film Cameras and inexpensive digital editing technologies. Gone are the days of splicing film.  This allows Indie film makers to create, market, and distribute their own works. DVD Replication takes this even one step further and allows the Indie Film maker access to the lucrative DVD rental and Independent DVD sales markets without the help of major movie studios.

There are a lot of opportunities for independent entrepreneurs who have an idea that they can develop themselves. Every year there are new films that are made outside the studio system that catch the majors entirely by surprise. 


Indie Film DVD Development

Development of an Indie film DVD project is the first stage. You need to bring your ideas to paper so you can share them with others.  You may not be going to a studio for backing of your Indie film but you still need to have your Indie Film vision in a concrete form. Getting studios to listen to your pitch is a hard row to hoe. They are looking at the bottom line and are looking for a sure thing. For a new producer, finding backing by a motion picture studio is very difficult. Making independent films and DVDs requires a lot of heart and perseverance. Don’t get discouraged there is hope. The number of successful Indie Films is growing faster today then ever before.

Filming & Production Cost: 5 Fundamental rules to keep your Indie Films Cost down.

  • Get maximum value for every dollar you spend. Look for ways to get volume discounts. Don’t think that you have to sacrifice quality service for lower pricing. Triple Disc is a classic example of this. We offer great pricing with stellar customer service.
  • Shop around. Take the time to ask a lot of questions about the Indie Film business . Talk to lots of people. Make yourself an expert on people, places and prices within the Indie Film Industry.
  • Gather information about a technical process or services that you are paying for. Information is free, but you have to work to find it and do some research. The more you learn the more options you will have. 
  • Give yourself time. Do not under estimate the time that you need to complete your Indie Film project. You need to research every aspect of their production. If you have a clearly mapped out plan this will save you time and money.
  • Make sure you have planned for the long haul. Indie film production is a long process.  Meaningful preproduction planning will save the day as your Indie film moves closer and closer to production. Even Indie Film production costs are expensive. Have everything well thought out ahead of time so no time is wasted. Successful low-budget filmmaking only works with great preproduction planning. 

Producing and Indie Film

Everyone has a vision of the producer as the guy with the cigar behind the scenes. This stereotype does not fit the Indie film DVD model.  In the Indie world the producer is involved in a film from the conceptual stages of the project, beginning with the preproduction, research, and writing. It does not stop there the producer will also be involved in the casting, shooting, editing, and post production. Once production is complete the Indie Film producer continues negotiating the distribution contracts and arranging for the promotion and exhibition of the Indie film.

The term "Independent" can have various meanings in the production industry. The term independent is applied to any production company that is not directly affiliated with one of the major film corporations. Independent can also be used to define a small studio or an individual producer. 


Once a picture has finally been completed and is in the can. The responsibility of selling the film remains. One major key to being successful in filmmaking is distribution. In simplest terms, without distribution, no one will ever see your film. It used to be you could only go to screen distributors but these days the Indie Film DVD market is another viable option.

Do not waste your time and resources sending your film or proposal to everyone. Sending out promos to people who will not take them seriously will only waste money.  Many independent films will not interest a traditional distributor. Indie Films have very specific target markets that do not fit with the shotgun approach of many of the traditional distribution methods. You want to find distributors who carry films or videos similar in genre to the one you have made or are trying to make. This route will provide your best chance of success. 


Indie Film Pre Production Promo

Many filmmakers are unable to raise the entire budget needed for the film production at the start. Most first-time filmmakers make the picture as the money raised allows. Making a shorter Indie film version and releasing it on DVD can be a helpful intermediary step. Triple Disc's DVD authoring team and DVD manufacturing can help you achieve this mid level goal. A DVD promo release of your Indie Film concept allows you to show to potential investors and you will continue to move toward your goal. 

Triple Disc Indie DVD Manufacturing

At Triple Disc we understand all the blood, sweat and tears you have put into creating your indie film.  Many Indie Film makers are taking their product straight to DVD. The Independent DVD market is growing faster than ever. Like the Independent CD market of the 80's Indie DVD is ready to take off. You made your movie independently and now with affordable DVD manufacturing from Triple Disc you can sell and market your Indie Film DVD without the studio.

After all that hard work Triple Disc is here to help you turn your indie film into a professional indie DVD in just a few simple steps. Call now for help with your Indie DVD project. 540-899-3981


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