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Triple Disc CD Duplication: How do I get started

Triple Disc Full Color CD Duplication Packages Starting at $350.00

Triple Disc is proud to offer full color CD duplication packages. Triple Disc can duplicate and imprint your CD in one simple step. Triple Disc's full color CD duplication uses a direct to disc dye sublimation printer to print photo realistic images directly to our duplicated CDs.  We can then print your full color covers and trays and assemble them into a retail ready package. Don't forget about our free barcode with every CD duplication project.

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CD Duplication what is it?

CD Duplication refers to burned CD-Rs, just like the CD-Rs that we have all burned on our personal computers at home or in the office. CD Duplication is CD copying. You copy the image to a hard drive and then copy that info to a CD-R.

Duplicated audio CDs can have playability issues in some CD players. This is becoming less and less of an issue but it still happens sometimes with older CD players.

What size runs is CD Duplication the right choice for?

CD Duplication is perfect for any run under 500 pieces. CD Duplication is perfect for short run CD manufacturing. CD Duplication can give you cost effective professional results for low quantity CD runs. CD duplication is perfect for your CD demos, new releases or any project where you don't need 500 CDs.

CD duplication projects can be setup quickly so they are perfect for fast turn projects.  CD Replication takes time to cut a glass master and setup silk screening machines. Triple Disc CD duplication is much faster using direct to press digital processes that allow us to complete fully packaged CD Duplication orders in a matter of days not weeks. 

td logo Best looking Short Run on the Planet

Triple Disc's CDs and DVD Duplication is the best looking short run on the Planet. Don't settle for Xerox copies for covers put together in someone's basement. Triple Disc offers digital offset press printing on all covers, traycard & cardboard folders. Don't settle for anything less.

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td logo What does Triple Disc offer that no one else does?

Triple Disc CD duplication is unique in today's market place because we can deliver CD Replication quality for smaller short run CD projects. It used to be you had to do 1000 pieces to have a quality retail ready project. No longer.  Triple Disc's CD duplication uses state of the art digital printing and duplication processes that ensure quality and precision.


What sets Triple Disc's CD Duplication apart:

All Triple Disc CD Duplication uses direct to disc printing! We offer black thermal printing or Full Color dye sublimation printing



Full color Digitally printed Inserts and traycards. Triple Disc CD duplication covers and trays have a professional look and feel that rivals the major labels. Fully packaged CD Duplication projects start at 100 pieces.



Triple Disc gives you options. We are one of the only CD duplication companies in the world offer Full Color environmentally friendly CD packaging for short run projects. That's right Cardboard packaging for CD duplication runs as low as 100 pieces.




TD logoNeed more than 500 CDs? Triple Disc CD Replication is the Answer.

Triple Disc Audio CD Replication is what you need.  This process of "stamping" your data into an injection molded CD or DVD. We cut  a glass master in a Class 100 clean room or self enclosed LBR and mastering system. CD molding machines are specifically designed, high temperature, polycarbonate injection molders. They have an average throughput of 550-900 discs per hour, per molding line.

These discs are like the audio discs or DVD movies you buy at major retailer like Best Buy. These Replicated CDs are silver bottomed. The silver look is because of the aluminum that is used to reflect the laser that is used when you play your CD.

The process is less expensive than Duplication because your data is pressed into the construction of the CD. It does not have to be burned onto the disc.

TD logoTriple Disc is dedicated to supporting the client from start to finish.

We will help you determine if you need CD Replication or Duplication and help you determine the best packaging option to meet your CD or DVD projects needs. Triple Disc has created a customer service support system second to none with dedicated CD & DVD project managers & after sales support

.Triple Disc is a full service CD Duplication house and DVD manufacturer that provides CD Replication and DVD replication and CD duplication and DVD Duplication is committed to superior customer service and support. We are dedicated to making your CD or DVD project a headache free on time success. 



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