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1000 4 Panel DVD Digipaks for only $2,450.00 Call or Email for Details!

Triple Disc is proud to offer Digipaks at a new lower cost. Step out of that Jewel Box and right into a fully custom full color Digipak. Stand out from the pack and sell more Audio CDs. Digipaks aren't just for major labels anymore. Our corporate clients find that Digipaks are the perfect package for their CD and DVD projects.



DVD AmarayClick Here for our post popular Retail Ready DVD Packages in DVD Digipaks, DVD Amaray Cases, DVD Cardboard Folders and DVDs in Bulk.

All Triple Disc customers receive the same VIP Treatment regardless of the size of your DVD movie order. We offer complete DVD packages ranging from 100 pieces to 1,000,000, replicated. Triple Disc provides professional customer and support.


Triple Disc offers Professional Indie DVD Authoring at a price everyone can afford.

Triple Disc has a group of DVD Authoring professionals who can help take your raw footage and turn it into a professional Indie DVD.  Our creative DVD Authoring team provides personal attention to each indie DVD project we author here at Triple Disc. We give you the personalized attention and expert DVD Menu Design, Video Post Production, special features, close captioning and other creative services. Triple Disc Specializes in taking your raw materials and pull them together into a Hollywood quality retail ready DVD.

Triple Disc help you turn your indie film vision into a marketable DVD!

At Triple Disc we understand all the blood sweat and tears you have put into creating your indie film.  After all that hard work Triple Disc is here to help you turn your indie film into a professional indie DVD in just a few simple steps.

All it takes to get a hold of Triple Disc and start your indie Film DVD project is give us a call. All of our retail ready DVD packages include everything you need to get your finished product on to the shelf. We offer DVD Amaray Cases, Earth friendly Recycled cardboard packaging and even DVD Digipaks.

Click here to check out Triple Disc's Indie Film DVD getting started guide.

We have some of the fastest turn times in the industry and dedicated project mangers to walk you through the entire process from start to finish. We can even help you with your DVD authoring needs.


CD replication press
DVD Replication Explained

Audio CD Replication: All Replicated CD & DVD projects (500 CDs and above) are pressed in one of our ISO-9002 plants. This process of "stamping" your data into an injection molded CD or DVD. We cut  a glass master in a Class 100 clean room or self enclosed LBR and mastering system. CD molding machines are specifically designed, high temperature, polycarbonate injection molders. They have an average throughput of 550-900 discs per hour, per molding line.

These discs are like the audio discs or DVD movies you buy at major retailer like Best Buy. These Replicated CDs are silver bottomed. The silver look is because of the aluminum that is used to reflect the laser that is used when you play your CD.

The process is less expensive than Duplication because your data is pressed into the construction of the CD. It does not have to be burned onto the disc.

CD duplicator
DVD Duplication Explained

All Duplicated CD projects (100 to 500 CDs) are auto-verified on our duplication equipment. Triple Disc uses CDR recorder(s) to "burn" your data into a pre-manufactured write-once CDs or DVDs.

These CDs or DVDs, called CD Recordables (CDR) or DVD Recordables DVD-R. These are known as short run CD & DVD projects.The setup costs for recording a few discs are minimal by comparison to the set up costs for replication.

CD duplication is the perfect process for fast turn CD jobs. Triple Disc can turn duplicated CDs and DVDs in 24 hours. This is almost impossible with Replicated discs.

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ISO 9002 Certified CD & DVD Replication

All of Triple Disc CD and DVD Manufacturing is done in the US or Canada. We only use secure Plants that are Phillips Certified. Triple Disc offers ISO 9002 certified replication of DVD-5, DVD-9 and DVD-10 with screen printing in 3 colors standard all the way up to 5 or more colors and offset printing.

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Best looking Short Run on the Planet

Triple Disc's CDs and DVD Duplication is the best looking short run on the Planet. Don't settle for Xerox copies for covers put together in someone's basement. Triple Disc offers digital offset press printing on all covers, traycard & cardboard folders. Don't settle for anything less

Triple Disc Takes the Confusion out of CD & DVD Manufacturing.

Triple Disc is a full service CD and DVD manufacturer that provides CD and DVD replication and duplication and is committed to superior customer service and support. We are dedicated to making your CD or DVD project a headache free on time success.  We have been providing CD and DVD mass reproduction since 1995.Triple Disc seperates itself from the rest of the CD and DVD industry by going above and beyond to meet our customers needs. Triple Disc is proud to offer some of the fastest turn times in the industry. We can turn replicated CDs and DVDs in as little as 2 business days. 24 Hour turns for CD and DVD Duplication runs (rush charges may apply). We offer presales support for all CD and DVD projects.

Triple Disc is dedicated to supporting the client from start to finish. Our knowledge sales staff will walk you through the entire process from getting you a custom quote or answering your graphic design questions on the phone or via email.  We will help you determine if you need Replication or Duplication and help you determine the best packaging option to meet your specific CD or DVD projects needs. Triple Disc has created a customer service support system second to none. 

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