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Triple Disc Artwork Specifications

Triple Disc prefers that your artwork is designed in Quark Express, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Triple Disc also supports the following graphic design programs:  Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Fireworks.  We can work with Adobe Pagemaker but there is a $75 charge to convert the files. All artwork must be submitted on Triple Disc templates.  Artwork that is not submitted in our template maybe subject to a $75.00 conversion charge.

Choosing the right software :These days, there is a wide variety of desktop publishing and graphic design software available on the market. Some programs are better suited to the process of CD cover design than others. I tend to use a combination of Adobe´s Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, but you can get away with using just one of these if you prefer. Quark XPress is another popular desktop publishing program. At the very least you´All need something that can save your files in .PDF or .EPS CMYK (aka 4-colour) format.


Programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Nero Label Printer & Paint Shop Pro are not meant for complex layouts and will not be accepted by any printer/manufacturer. We cannot output these type of files using our commercial printers. Unless you are planning to print the CD cover and traycard yourself, you will need to use a desktop publishing or graphics editing program.

Please download our Graphic Design helper PDF which can help you properly layout your graphics files and get them to us in a form that we can use.

If you need help understanding some of the printing terms on this page or the CD and DVD graphic design PDF please check out our new CD and DVD printing glossary.

Triple Disc CD and DVD graphic design suggestions.

  • All artwork must be submitted on Triple Disc CD and DVD Templates.
  • All artwork should accompany your CD or DVD master and order form. The best way to get it to us is on a CDR.
  • Triple Disc also has an FTP site that allows you to upload your artwork files directly to us.
  • Do not send us your only copy, please make sure you back up your files.
  • Please include a list of all files and fonts used in your job.
  • All image files must be 300 DPI and in CMYK (for full color images), grayscale (if your image is to be printed in black only) or duotone (provide curves along with files.)
  • Pantones should be used on CD labels ONLY unless you are paying for an upgrade to CMYK. 
  • PDF proofs will be supplied for CD imprints.  Due to the limitations of RGB monitors displaying Pantones and CMYK builds these proofs are not color accurate.  If you need a specific color match please contact Triple Disc for more details.
  • All images must have bleed. A bleed is the area that will be cut off the print to prevent your final artwork from having white edges. When scanning images, keep the bleed in mind so you do not have to force a bleed by resizing an image. This will inevitably cause a loss of sharpness and make the pixels more apparent.
  • If we have to make ANY adjustments or conversions, a $75 per hour charge will be added to your production cost. Any artwork not submitted in our templates maybe subject to a conversion charge.
  • We will notify you and get your approval before any adjustments are made.
  • Failure to follow these instructions will create delays in your CD production. 
  • Please take your time. Getting your CD or DVD graphics t right the first time will save you time and money.

Call at 540-899-3981 or email us if you have questions.

Triple Disc Takes the Confusion out of CD & DVD Manufacturing.

Triple Disc is a full service CD and DVD manufacturer that provides CD and DVD replication and duplication and is committed to superior customer service and support. We are dedicated to making your CD or DVD project a headache free on time success.  We have been providing CD and DVD mass reproduction since 1995.Triple Disc separates itself from the rest of the CD and DVD industry by going above and beyond to meet our customers needs. Triple Disc is proud to offer some of the fastest turn times in the industry. We can turn replicated CDs and DVDs in as little as business days. 24 Hour turns for CD and DVD Duplication runs. (Rush Charges may apply.) We offer presales support for all CD and DVD projects.

Triple Disc is dedicated to supporting the client from start to finish. Our knowledge sales staff will walk you through the entire process from getting you a custom quote or answering your graphic design questions on the phone or via email.  We will help you determine if you need Replication or Duplication and help you determine the best packaging option to meet your specific CD or DVD projects needs. Triple Disc has created a customer service support system second to none. 


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