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Triple Disc Digital Mastering

How can Triple Disc´s Digital Mastering

Triple Disc offers high-end audio mastering and digital editing services for independent record labels, producers, musicians, bands and alike. We specialize in audio cd mastering. Our experience and equipment provide all the necessary components in creating the highest of quality Red Book masters, "radio" ready, and delivered on time to you or your chosen duplicator. Using a combination of high quality analog and digital mastering gear, the final result is a big label sound at an affordable price.

Do You Like Personal Attention?

Work one on one with one of Triple Disc´s sound engineers to create your audio cd master.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and our accessibility. Triple Disc's sound engineers will help your CD come alive. Mastering is the key to making your project standup to other major artists recordings. Triple Disc can ad warmth, punch, match levels between songs & create smoothness. Triple Disc Productions can create consistency to give your master that polished radio ready sound you are looking for.

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Triple Disc knows what the Independent Musician Needs!

Professional Digital mastering at Triple Disc can make your master come alive. You will hear the difference between just a studio recording and a Triple Disc digitally re-mastered project. Increase your masters sound presence and bring your recording to the forefront of your listeners ears.

We strive to provide our artists with top quality service and advice in this sometimes confusing industry. Our sound engineers know that today's artist are looking for professional high digital mastering at an affordable price. Don't get stuck paying $500 for digital mastering of your audio CD project. Take a look at our published rate below.

Packages include:


 · Maximize Volumes to their digital peaks  ·

 · Digital Compression for full sound  ·

 · Make your music "Radio Ready"  ·

 · 32 bit/64-bit float/192kHz file support  ·


 · Analog hiss removal and background noise reduction ·

 · Click, hiss, and sibilant cleanup ·

 · Consistent volumes across tracks ·

 · Digitally fade in and out of each track ·

audio graphci desginTriple Disc offers complete digital mastering packages starting as low as $150 for up to 5 songs.

Complete Digital Mastering of 1 to 5 songs


Complete Digital Mastering of 6 to 10 songs
Complete Digital Mastering of 11 to 15 songs
Complete Digital Mastering of 16 or more songs
Call for Price

Don't pay more than you have to. Here at Triple Disc our goal is to provide outstanding music for both, our artists, and their listeners! We can help you sound good and sell more CDs!


Triple Disc Takes the Confusion out of CD & DVD Manufacturing.

Triple Disc is a full service CD and DVD manufacturer that provides CD and DVD replication and duplication and is committed to superior customer service and support. We are dedicated to making your CD or DVD project a headache free on time success.  We have been providing CD and DVD mass reproduction since 1995.Triple Disc separates itself from the rest of the CD and DVD industry by going above and beyond to meet our customers needs. Triple Disc is proud to offer some of the fastest turn times in the industry. We can turn replicated CDs and DVDs in as little as business days. 24 Hour turns for CD and DVD Duplication runs. (Rush Charges may apply.) We offer presales support for all CD and DVD projects.

Triple Disc is dedicated to supporting the client from start to finish. Our knowledge sales staff will walk you through the entire process from getting you a custom quote or answering your graphic design questions on the phone or via email.  We will help you determine if you need Replication or Duplication and help you determine the best packaging option to meet your specific CD or DVD projects needs. Triple Disc has created a customer service support system second to none. 


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