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Triple Disc 8 Page Booklet Business CD ROM Packages

Triple Disc's 8 Page Stapled Book give you all the room your need for instructions and product documentation.

Triple Disc understands not every company is ready to start with a Digipak or a full color 32 page booklet for their CD ROM. You have to start somewhere and Triple Disc's 8 Page Booklet and tray card packages are just the place to start. Triple Disc's packages start with Business CD ROM duplication for runs 100 to 400 CDs and then move up to Business CD ROM replication for runs 500 and above. Triple Disc offers business clients the choice of a clear or black tray card at the same price. If you are confused about panels or colors scroll down to find the answers you need.




Retail Ready 8 Page Stapled Book & Traycard CD Replication Pricing

8 Pg Book 4/1
Per CD Price
500  $      1,195.00  $            2.39
1000  $      1,445.00  $            1.45
2500  $      2,795.00  $            1.12
5000  $      4,495.00  $            0.90
10000  $      6,895.00  $            0.69

4/1 is Full Color outside B&W inside

8 Pg Book 4/4
Per CD Price
500  $      1,395.00  $            2.79
1000  $      1,745.00  $            1.75
2500  $      3,195.00  $            1.28
5000  $      5,195.00  $            1.04
10000  $      7,895.00  $            0.79

4/4 is Full Color inside and out.

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Retail Ready 8 Page Stapled Book & Traycard CD Duplication Pricing

8 Page 4/1
Per CD Price
100  $       425.00  $           4.25
200  $       545.00  $           2.73
300  $       695.00  $           2.32
400  $       795.00  $           1.99

4/1 is Full Color outside B&W inside

8 Page 4/4
Per CD Price
100  $       525.00  $           5.25
200  $       645.00  $           3.23
300  $       795.00  $           2.65
400  $       895.00  $           2.24

4/4 is Full Color inside and out.

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Every Triple Disc Jewel Box Replication package includes!

  • 3 Pantone Color Silk Screen onto the CD.
  • Digital output and printing of the CD covers & traycards
  • Free Upgrade to Clear Trays
  • One hour of Preflight Check on all artwork files.
  • Assembly into Jewel Boxes & Polywrap

Don't for get to ask about Upgrading to a Full Color Silk Screened CD for only $.10 a CD!

Every Triple Disc Jewel Box Duplication package includes!

  • Black Thermal Imprint printed directly onto the disc.
  • Digital Output and Printing of the CD covers & traycards.
  • Free Upgrade to Clear Trays
  • One hour of Preflight Check on all artwork files.
  • Assembly into Jewel Boxes & Shrink wrap

Don't forget to ask about upgrading to a Photo Realistic Full Color Thermal Imprint for just $.75 a CD!


What is an 8 Page Booklet & Traycard?

This is the one of the most asked questions by Triple Disc customers. There seems to be a lot of confusion about just what a 8 Page Booklet is. Triple Disc's 8 Page Booklet and traycard is made up of 2 4 panel covers stapled together. Its like two greeting cards stapled together to create a booklet. There are 8 printable surfaces including the front and back cover.


The 8 printing surfaces and can be printed Full Color also known as CMYK or 4 color, or black and white which is known as 1 . A traycard is also included. The traycard functions as the back cover and has the same color printing options as the cover. In order to print on the tray liner you need to choose a clear traycard. The tryaliner will be printed using the same color scheme as the inside panels of your cover.


Triple Disc Gives you options!

Triple Disc gives you options. We can print your next Business CD ROM project in full color inside and out which is know as 4/4 or full color outside and black and white inside which is known as 4/1. We can even do pantone spot colors for larger runs. Call us at 800-414-7464 for custom quotes not listed here.


The 4 stands for CMYK. CMYK is short for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black, and pronounced as separate letters. CMYK is a color model in which all colors are described as a mixture of these four process colors. CMYK is the standard color model used in offset printing for full-color documents. The 1 stand for K which is black.

Triple Disc Takes the Confusion out of CD & DVD Manufacturing.

Triple Disc is a full service CD and DVD manufacturer that provides CD and DVD replication and duplication and is committed to superior customer service and support. We are dedicated to making your CD or DVD project a headache free on time success.  We have been providing CD and DVD mass reproduction since 1995.Triple Disc separates itself from the rest of the CD and DVD industry by going above and beyond to meet our customers needs. Triple Disc is proud to offer some of the fastest turn times in the industry. We can turn replicated CDs and DVDs in as little as business days. 24 Hour turns for CD and DVD Duplication runs. (Rush Charges may apply.) We offer presales support for all CD and DVD projects.

Triple Disc is dedicated to supporting the client from start to finish. Our knowledge sales staff will walk you through the entire process from getting you a custom quote or answering your graphic design questions on the phone or via email.  We will help you determine if you need Replication or Duplication and help you determine the best packaging option to meet your specific CD or DVD projects needs. Triple Disc has created a customer service support system second to none. 

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